iBARPOS POS System Frequently Asked Questions

Point of Sale Computer Software & Hardware Devices Clearly Explained.

What happens if the internet goes down? How will my staff take and process orders?

First, be assured your POS data will not be lost if the Internet goes down. Just like when the electricity fails, you will have to take orders with pen & pencil. The Internet consists of two parts – local & the cloud. The cloud very seldom goes down, perhaps once every year or two. You can protect against local provider failure by having cellular connectivity on your point of sale order taking devices. Discuss this in detail with any of our sales advisors toll-free at 1-866-873-4227. Click here to learn about Mobile Internet Sticks or Keys.

2. How much work will it take to change over to iBarPOS from my current system, including training my staff?

iBarPOS has an excellent setup & operational manual that you can use. This can be printed out if you have a printer. If you require further assistance, you can call our support team &/or optionally arrange for support to do your setup and training.

3. Will someone be available to walk me and my staff through the program during set up?

Yes, definitely. Just call toll-free 1-866-873-4227 to arrange free assistance &/or ask any questions.

4. What if I require more devices to be set up with iBarPOS than my original subscription includes?

Visit your iBarPOS account by going to client login page of this website. In the Back Office module, just click on Add-Ons. You will be able to add more devices (or reduce your number of devices) immediately. Existing devices will continue to function till the end of their payment duration.

5. How does all of my other equipment (receipt printers, kitchen video monitor system, etc.) become synched with the iBarPOS system?

Everything is controlled by computers in “the cloud” using the Internet. These computers have the iBarPOS master software that has been programmed to get & keep everything in synch.

6. How do I pay for my iBarPOS subscription?

Currently you can pay using Visa or MasterCard. On the plans & pricing page choose your payment duration & number of devices required. Clicking on the sign up button will take you to account setup (only your email address & a password are needed) & the payment screen is below.

7. Do I need a receipt printer?

iBarPOS can email receipts to customers from any device. More & more restaurants are emailing rather than printing receipts in order to cut down on costs & be more environmentally-friendly. “Direct printing” can only be done with Internet Explorer via a Windows OS computer. Currently printers cannot be attached to tablets. Any of our Sales Advisors will be glad to discuss this with you in detail.
Printing through the Internet is possible but security issues present a risk. Because of this, iBar-POS does not offer this option. See our accessories page (compatible devices) for what is required or call any of the iBarPOS sales advisors toll-free at 1-866-873-4227.

8. How secure is access to my iBarPOS account?

Each iBarPOS account is tied to your establishment Internet IP address; no one outside your establishment can access your account. You will also be able to choose IP addresses, like your office, for you or your designate to access the back office functions outside of your establishment.

9. How does the cost of an iBarPOS system compare to a traditional legacy POS system?

iBarPOS saves you money in many areas including software, support, upgrades, hardware, network infrastructure, network installation, and training. Ownership comparison of a legacy Computerized Point of Sale (POS) system to the iBarPOS Cloud based POS system.

10. How do I determine the correct equipment to use with iBarPOS for my establishment?

Any device that can connect to the internet and use a recent browser can be used. However if printed receipts are required the device must be Windows based.
A small cafe that would email receipts to customers and not need a kitchen printer would use one device such as an iPad tablet. They would take orders in one browser window and serve their orders from another browser window on the same tablet using the included KVM. Add a wireless internet router with an internet connection and you have a system. You would require one (1) subscription to iBarPOS. If you have more than one (1) server working at the same time, just add another iPad and an iBarPOS subscription.
A large establishment may need a KVM system in the kitchen. The accessories page links to equipment for a Kitchen Video Monitor System. The attached printer would only be required if you want to print a prep receipt to accompany the prepared food. For the front counter the establishment could use their existing Windows computer and receipt printer as long as it has a recent Windows operating system and can run an approved browser. Cash drawers and other accessories can be added as needed.
For tableside service add a tablet for each of the maximum number of servers that will be on shift at any one time. An iBarPOS subscription is needed for each fixed station and each tablet operating during the shift. A tablet could be used be two or more servers on different shifts or the same shift(but not at the same time).
For the purchase of new equipment please feel free to contact any of our partners and review our compatible devices page.

11. What exactly is the Kitchen Video Monitor(KVM)?

The included KVM takes the place of the kitchen printer to show your cooks the orders that have to be prepared. It shows 6 orders at a time, however the cooks can scroll an unlimited number of orders right on the monitor and “bumps” it off the KVM.

IBarPOS Kitchen Video Monitor GUI

In a small cafe only one device may be necessary. The user would take the order in one browser window, then flip to a second browser window to see the KVM and what has to be prepared.
In larger establishments, the kitchen would have a separate inexpensive computer with a regular flat screen monitor and an internet connection to display the KVM.
In a very busy kitchen there could be a 40 column printer attached to the KVM computer to print out a prep list, with table number, to accompany the food. The KVM software display.

12. Why does iBarPOS not work with the Android 3.xx Browser?

The Android 3.xxx Browser has a known bug that will not be corrected because Android 4.xx will be replacing it. This bug prevents lists of items from being scrolled. Because iBarPOS has several lists (guest check, menu items, menu groups, etc.) that must be scrolled it could not scroll lists using this browser.

13. Does iBarPOS recommend any particular tablet?

The beauty of iBarPOS is the wide range of choice users have. Personal preference is a large factor in choosing a tablet.
Having said that, our personal preference is any compatible 7″ tablet for tableside service because of the ability to hold it easily and put it in your apron.
Even so, we still love the 10″ iPad tablet. Just be sure if you choose an Android tablet to choose one with Android browser 2.xx or 4.xx. And if you want to use the tablet as your KVM you must choose at least a 10″ tablet.