iBarPOS Point of Sale Software Saves Lots of Money!

Our POS Software Delivers Cost Effective Features & Benefits

1) iBarPOS POS software saves money for any restaurant, coffee shop, bar or night club.
iBarPOS software uses the Cloud. If you can access the internet, you can access iBarPOS. There’s no need for internal, company-wide network, management infrastructure costs, & expensive software & hardware equipment; The Cloud’s got it all covered for less. Way less!
2) iBarPOS point of sale software is up & running immediately, without headaches.
Contact iBarPOS about setting up an account to pick a point of sale subscription plan that best suits your night club, coffee shop, bar or restaurant  requirements and then start installation. It’s that easy. Or start your POS software plan subscription immediately by clicking here.
3) Coffee shop, restaurant, bar & night club POS software that easily scales up for growth.
Up until now, adding another POS terminal to an already set up hospitality network has been costly, inconvenient & an exercise in patience. iBarPOS point of sale software functions via the web, not an internal network, so adding another ‘terminal’ is as simple as grabbing yourself compatible smartphone, tablet devices or touchscreen computer and buying an additional iBarPOS point of sale software subscription online. Super quick and super inexpensive!
4) Count on POS software security Plus!
The Cloud’s data center is big & serves millions. Security is not only a requirement, it is top notch. Customer data is properly segregated, protected & stored & can only be accessed by authorized users.
5) Count on night club, restaurant, bar & coffee shop point of sale software reliability Plus!
The Cloud has the service expertise acquired from volume transactions. Its IT department is efficient & the services the department provides are inexpensive. In addition, support provided specifically for iBarPOS point of sale system software is included in every subscription & is conveniently available 24/7.
6) Count on restaurant, bar, coffee shop and night club POS software performance Plus!
There’s no need to replace your operating system software or upgrade to faster hardware or processors every 4 years. The Cloud utilizes the best, fastest, most up-to-date system available, always accessible through the internet.
7) Update & upgrade hospitality point of sale software, automatically (& for free).
Upgrades to other coffee shop, restaurant, night club or bar POS software systems can be costly & require action on the part of the user. Breathe easy knowing that with the Cloud, software upgrades are made automatically & without cost or time to you.
8) Risk less using our restaurant, bar, coffee shop, night club point of sale software.
Quite simply, with iBarPOS, you experience a higher point of sale ROI (Return on Investment) at a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Spend less to make more. The Cloud takes care of support & services, removing that headache & cost from its customers.
9) Coffee shop, restaurant, night club & bar POS software that lets you experience choice.
iBarPOS coffee shop, restaurant, night club and bar point of sale software lets you experience choice. iBarPOS easily runs a wide range of Apple, PC & Android touchscreen hardware devices and their operating systems.