The 1st True Cloud Point of Sale Software

POS software for the restaurant, coffee shop, night club & bar industry. It's secure, reliable, immediately & always accessible, conveniently scalable & deliciously frugal.

iBarPOS(TM) presents our revolutionary hospitality point of sale (POS) system that serves the bar, restaurant, night club and coffee shop industry. iBarPOS(TM) ingeniously functions via the Cloud and sports a totally unique GUI in concept and design. The first true cloud based point of sale (POS) software for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and night clubs, has been released and is ready to serve you! Not only will iBarPOS(TM) Cloud software revolutionize the hospitality industry, it's POS software that will save restaurants, bars, nightclubs and coffee shop owners thousands of dollars in start-up capital. It will blow any current PC/Mac server based POS software away with its ease of setup, use and maintenance.

As iBarPOS(TM) is true cloud based POS software, it is maintained online on secure servers. This point of sale (POS) software operates on a monthly subscription basis and is available to restaurant, bar, night club and coffee shop owners in the hospitality industry. It's for anyone who would like to lower their operating costs and remove the need for constant computer hardware and software updates or upgrades. iBarPOS(TM) runs on a wide range of devices, from PCs to Android and Apple tablets. iBarPOS(TM) components can be chosen based on individual operational requirements and is offered in 3 monthly subscription plans. The iBarPOS(TM) Cloud software does not require any downloads, installs or updates and is versatile enough to run on a wide range of devices that are able to connect to the Internet and use any compatible browsers.

If you are a bar, night club, restaurant or coffee shop owner and interested in the iBarPOS(TM) point of sale (POS) software for your hospitality based services, please feel free to contact us for additional information. We'll be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.